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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 30, 2012 2:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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yt pe lle i ttscit avnearren hf m ona mlion pe cu iomer tit th nar h m onwer tod.uer at ichal nge nmber e. chleng e r od iale ner chng numr tw tranortaon may miaelum twblooerg port all the anta joray subwmi linl have takeoo ong rt llhe ter. r saltter. bweyin avken r. ltr. flded. pubc trsportionor pl milon n yoers.fl s ubtror maonr pliloomb ng. yo s. pubc tr sporretionsarerainsmb osedubtroron uilrefurtnsr noceis go way o hined abt. u the isrtroo fm ti linegoayinabor e thiseactatioo o futine or tra ctservioe. bui'mureher mtara wldo rverytng i can bum hee mt mitebus w ser ceyt in hrhap ts afternoos >> t citis nersayi i ap will tr to rl afoo buse tsit at n5:00yi ll th eve tng r whusinses ast 00 usl tomoow. th ve pr wisesyet,inasough on us mo. storg suray essert,ce. the arghonew absrou eorsu r . ci. thit iarveryiffilt fwpeops ou get oun ci iryfi a ftualopbiked u et toun th offi aalodayo getke he in o pmise fiithnay eet hin .rpor . p keseedy rporthna ardihey rema orcled. key or mayoadiy bombe spo maf floedcl.
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nwayyoand bbepoflo ssibay damde to instmention. aseighanfid isouthfy ibamto st lonttionn.n the eighasrhooghfiisthf caed helsloon inhedownwn n ghoo york how e thcagsls iwn n rk ere w thnow? >>ouknurpring use wsteng toou >>knndern,s pr g u we t lkin abouenyourto perice inew rk in p cket wf neyork t inity,ouurt isri lit ie w ctran.. it loo p liketanyfthere rk day.y, lo atis tit raffan behiitoo me.iky er d thy. s anlot t arffhi tha. th exriend sere loo lera hallhse ex en liserall dthe e.ont isoo l chse ildilhripp rilitlle t off. ere a rechrt dippi in f. ae loel newsper is was an ilgaln a holol. butws yr uasanee aanl fofll thos roo ho mple lyt y exped. a foopleave eporosd atoo let tole thxp. w yo leeost atoratle eyo hed so thinthunusl an th yo camestut a hesoinusanhll me a of tt ca ashi dow wanto sw y what i'mof tt scaeing behi me hi owhindhe ntlen s yha 'ml thpe sleng hi thendre aen out th as newpeorke wld the a detrredn thleas by theewke w rerts tiffilt we ed th is asld ay lithee rrenys tt fi her an th i iswenotr. s ait prob m tr g a ound r n thot it and e tffic s ob t rely g a nd
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nmark le t. d tics anrsonas iaserivi rk t her an on i ippedyvi iput and strted takii picedres t t winpw t the cand sotdou ki caic ss titin heca sooks lile likca b ssine as usuaon tst ets. s aiik bnes ua t l of oresstre s.opn, aa l of resuran arepen landf aes op a lo laren . as y weesan remenioni tre ids a arobm o floasen yeans. me innihe t isubw saob o ns inlikebwou sd, lke s unne areinlood and thatne 5.3re miloneop aay odnd usin thatato ge.3 tiloprk. so mt peleusin t irin fattge t tey nee mpe to toiny. t fcoup o ethinre t rllyee tto usua dow onup o uthe maattainwheri was ry rorti ruaown u asthe manigtaeras rti t w ut ang abluteark ne it wremiede o 9/ a. ab hteek to sa wasmio o dar nd9/ ho sa as souietbutar r althe liceehics everhereso etsometing hadn seealine newceic york cit foreernevere thght meg dn i eewldew dned rktrits. i vereven ththt i subuws. dd i'mtrsedo i dowdthree afr bu orm, ot imew yk edocity.ow new rk ceey dofn' nessar y ha them, i y etyipme w cdo nearhahe
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to g eme wnedargeree of g jor thoug afot of e traf c rho ligs in thisity wers. eitha benrf afigin isisteyor oer thalengeth. ere re vyfewraff te o lits opealtingthn th. c y ase vw we.ff anat lst li asepe ngreth crivias was juwe zardan las l hts,nd vi ow a she as goeu rdto get arndl s, st ght. ther ais sell aoe lo oeteopl ar with t po r as you t. lsoer s a lo ntio od. pl th mor aidth poaspoour, ortori io por to heth mid po1. mlliorri pele poto neyorktate 1.8 m mlionio peoppere torinerk poter 8 t mtheon peop of ope ci andettreg ri oss tnsitack up is tea opf ci ndiori. i'tt quo him tit dkrectup nosirm ti line s yrienti ed ai'uoim d wect. o thrmgove ments tine yti aredting weat inew rkthvent cy,ednghe ionomw los alo ohat i cst reorti to u isomoslooin t b i rtioupwa s o7in billn. w, thawas onarly esmate lland nc w do t ha kno wnly es te ingsd re gng be wando nonnin wain,ho kno ifhat gsnumb g is e d gog t inban,oon. lono atfthe - mb lsk bhindoban. lotme lthis bs asndt isand ere is oneoing an wor to cleme isthosaseisstd ets.e i that g ing neng toaneor atole sendar yosst s. prrity o geat-- ggoto ming
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sureveryeingarelse is prty geoperionain tos ci. m ge otr t ngreryg wansets toer tnal tci u, j t tot t yannew rker o tcan , we et j t abad apw era l n ofweimehere b we ave ad lve tckoper ing at hme re bt ofe ower d e ha t neerhborg od p hple o hav ofcomender dha neor pe av meorme to pg in d gemeo p elerici for teirn onesge har up tirlecior t rones it i aes p tty godarp t mo es spit what iame roug are py g as myormo bombe sa t e itat e ug rst orm e ci hasas ev mr benbesa t anerso >> ndt m aci astofev prts fanloweso >>nhatn o, try ps spoyf cewe at seice, pele ar't ttingpoyce e-mas onheirobil see,eardeces. in had to ke umaponiril des. do mil from uy hoe to- i und cffee opclod, b the weilom ho to i t ofd pople cindee of ogrou bd hewe outse th ffee of p leshdof iou gues becse t rets wasth weefi thshe. i s abto esec tgetas email w and th i ab cally ofcet fr eilere.nd ople yingo llof mefr d as e. best hey lecago tongartsf m thcity d a wh esty hey caca tots commicat wheth thety cel phon arewhwoeing,y ware ty n ge mmathe hee-mells. onrewo g, aseigh wthan tyou, we
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l ch kge in wh ym.tough tas tgheanextu, we chveral whour y havnewtgh tictus frt ra ur laguavdia wrportufr of sicay gu rua ays orderwer. a lo ter wee seegf ca ru s ere,rw. an a lo we eridweelosusee at a t e e,anwe ajosu airrts, a t e surehen ey'r goi tojo s, inhe mst o all refn 'risoio chs onhe op in m olf gr nd, chon sr ies up, at mgrsive, ane ss seterg ovtheew y k ci, m veskyl e.e u se e er ovomnew e yjerciy, f anylwi. uwe ne w haveer vid f s winganwihe. n monts therane bvekledidn thviol st wings. ta a lk. mos hene bed tholwi ta l ighting deo shong t paial llap. itappe d o thtg oo a nrlyho t pacompl tedapuxu apaitmentpe o t o ildi, sa n to y thecits mp d xutallpatnt ridenal disao heildiit. neig orsllevacted as renfficls trieto fdiur ou howig tsacds ic abile th thi. ie fu iow wnt to bng i ilthhialin hoho w isto ininus b in. it iininedib in toeen th iin ib towengover the skyone is h whe ar is clo dwef. er
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he it .ky is a whar slosev-blo rea th t s be ev uates arodthat ane,vloath ande on. be v te isroat itee,llythesite thade. to sew ykersbreatey eawayte ha ifou tohink abo yrseaiit i ay stilif dalingnkbo pcariisly i ousail feet updang fr e grou. p ri wey o ha a bi saee odp nws r om m orbloo ergouhis wehai rnin nhe s d it moog apsar th poin tin sit thcranis stabp bu tt th ein nds eoingo hthvean toab u di tdown en s ng hoit mor bfore diwn e theyille ab to cure it. orwhen bhare happs, eyln hopbullyo re ven t.e con tionennowpp pefuy th llop bely vy n on on on, ewcrews wi fu th aed v , stenoew its, t y'll a en tryto t ll gr a hol ofry the gr bool f d stp ito theuildg bo a that stitho the t wlld sere ahat at ane. anhed athatpoin w thellese abt t reen he e. an astrets. in he i mentabned, reee seen-breck ea wntd,acuad, huneds, se po-bibly th sand wof pople ua inudinonns, polyuxurthynd plehol, in70in0 ople >> n jusurpeop instres,ho bu in70neigoring lebuiings n ustheyopidn'nre kno wbureheig crine
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cod uigsgo. ey n' >> tyno al w wan t gcr ack co . homeback o>> thr t arigianl t g k te merocks, noth wre th'regi stayg rit no. >>ou a o lrookntoo the wthe cord ofayrino >> a the lohe ildi t rd cotrucon se. ita preyhe remaabledi t nco leauced s from het neworkre ma le ci eabuilngom deptmen ewatk theyci issdilep aen s p wkrder ey onss s wk is cstruionsiteernwon sepate oc csionrunte onwe pa shodocon meion s on rescded.ho vingmeaid n at, ey we citefor hyauli scluidd. ngd leak, w d teryliid pertakprob ms at thi vy w, kp inmiobs auhi v ntiod,this is. a kin miophys resintia ioissbuding a90 hy sries si ia hi wheit i bungcompted, ses hihiesthe i uildg innew rk citympapard,ents go ghit f ld0in w tymillarn.ts >>hat'oinc fdibl 0 miion ll fo on>>t' apamentncbl >> tt's righ min d genll fon thata nte ould ts gh thk gl at ld o th he tha me prauti hha wou hav ben m prtiouakenav prio bto t sto. we ok to a craenxper io t to eaier
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we tod. t t's ar wat hra sderbout ea r e mont odthe. llap . s >> wy h sut firs th ghtmo o waseap >>uman >>thtas antimalyultitely he er ck>>tops wit tcran ema ti ly op ator ght?psit tan op or t? yes. ifheas s. ifany dbt abo saty, y sh dldboonta h sa, sh surviss,ta h suiseinee, or anyby unl h feseee orfe yb un out hfe theane. >> nd t inourhee. >>estatio n obvisly at wrn't ne. no,o.stio viy w t it. erta ly w n't o,ne. itta wt . >>n veuslyherere ly >>viouvey a lyt ofreesidts nt tget bk iny teiroua ofid home t t >> be spe toin t rathe and moth and -yeaold medauter, >> speyto evaated hendoupl of th nd blkseadawayaur, t vaed pvateew plrk cfb, ty idbl whayhey t firs pheartewhat ha cened t yey ough itwhasy a rs garshotatr a haed bo . gh th wentsdonsta gs, toty aaw bopoli thencomidota tw rom liur ffermit dictio witnm
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erdiioit cond theyscap witthei ackbriescharrs and eyapitei ooks askb aes garod a neyork wou and theye waing itks aso a. g >>e coinueoatchne rkound ieywa gis tbelvabl toeeo >>couepch i elbltre. precte t repting we'rgettg wo nowf mo floong at mor.e peop ec t epng trap' wo i ownt tmo g orook oo aorop bldwi in tlanap. whi are touookarin b>> iwi hav adinan m rswhre stding nein i av mtng ne. th who thi is fld as 're arni othhoorehisnd mo l a re ues, te niaree ubamo scueres, t weetalk abo u ecifallyn ue welkbo ifnew lyrseyberg couy, i wanto ta w eyrgou i tomrive nt tait i45 mis or s om ve st/s thea i ofi or srent. 100 ople ee /seafrcuin >>nthe wer w nt0 lerin >> w womptely erse mp ovly seade hghtseach it iaarr r seland thovwateeawent htsch com etel iarr rer nd it we hthe tevident om is elary wah. its it hunbievadee h muc ands y iswa it ju bockenbva hucin tnd th counitju >> ias bke th wonringhat the co it colo is.onng
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th's athe and lo srrouing e ho. >>thou c a't s the bkd sid sou g thissn't rely lahod. >> cis i sheis bndhe wat widt is 'toverhe rei and,la iiseat fild whe ay er i d, hindhis, ail fild uomsy rivends, a the ilter uustspour rig in ve tomsiver e r witsth a snifiurntign sue d pe lemsrerrappit ere sd thfi're t ing su d pescuehem tisoinpp i n e the t g me. d uem tin thi i is ha . hiisgenel horaryashono th may andnehe horyheris and thpolino fem thaysotnde hreri nd t, tthy hali to stiem pts thr stf ou h tre thi thao s ti p lol pele thstou hlpint lochi s ople lo pe>> s ders hin we'oc kp an eye le sth seiders e'hei kts an w je ey, e d ms rir, neth sejerse, whh iknowi mich l je, holmri is nethe. rs wh i's talowng topolich the and theylmayseas e 0alpeop t or li he ne resing n wel eyas opr ne>>esg el bookechad wll ctinu to cck i wh w cnu c i wh wel ta to e mar of bury pa weta to smaof whind ory dama was athe. we'l t s whlkndo him maas ndeee at
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'l ylig has roug. wel beimightack. igasug webehtk. you e usat t starof t day theompa pho lis at's few amesu ongeus t ar tay he yopasee ho banison sier'sighwews.esge yoe an er onchwemptfiel. nc ptel eryd youee a the ys a of at ban arhelpg gr our onom ydou ahe af t an arlpgr r om leing re scompies d counits caexpa gr strleger g d smp gesbacko wo .coitcapa grtrr ge ckwo eryd youee a of uservg yo ydarouou the aount u arrvnd tyo corr. ouhent ar tor usank. usk. [ fele aounc ] toy, jon ihere to v unte to hp the in eed. fe anc en atowing jof b ik pare surp ses m. vte hthind. mo aing ngarts bn hipa spi ts rps buthers a owin painmo g ts hishiowerpiack. buer a in linin grolong iser hik.painonties tling. inrong hiin ti t bungaftea
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lo day helng oers, buteloay heelets ome hs,pfuldvic ju twoleve ve t strgth hes hulic ju wo toveeep ck p n aw t alltray.h day,asonhose levetop pawll. ju twoills for l da painy,elieonseve juwols r dainie tralevd fostro alday ng trevforo sinualand y adac relf. nud acel ney,hey ve e 55nchlg.. mom alrdy he a . y,woy d yo likeo kn55 chmo.. abo it? m lr ha yh, b lete pu my wwoe yoken spknker. mobot?y bet pu! w .spr. 's l andt ha grt piure alit lnd hai d 't kgrw...pie it 's ura
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sm... d k.. mbe nt ye. uu co sd al..ys p it on laway ma n payye lite t a me.coal pt lrighay we' takit! aayit a i la e yo. ghe'ak! hmm a lyo ah. foball mm malennouer ]hop w. g theahottefo bralls onyourist day. leou ]p ike e lgg5 inhe ledtev.ra on anurput t on y.yawanow youave re te toay. e lgined ant n waw ou e wal al. jes cawasn ndli wel so iroug it toike meike. we ave r ca jea caee rsnd ha lingliheckel iugttoe ei.wee ca a rha ngi lick fre ee igood mmone my lioiceremy
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mneke iodmney ce mke >>welce ba to o contuingovere. 're >>lcbao o ntnger liveerom nerk. coluus cclehereheve cmanee .til lu dan cing eerre7th ce stet. il connue wat ttan g situthion. 're so g tingstew .deo one at t shing e detuructn.n e g cngsed o a si-ala shg dect cd sila fi in e ne yorkorou of eensfi 80 hes he bued tthe ound you' loon ng anepictes o rkouf ns smol ring h hemaibu whe te t se nd u' oohome act o o ceolng aihestd. t cnn' debomeh fericisn o st eens n'thbo picres e so fic diturbng, so upttin ns ha you poketoic anys so tdirb so owrs w losuptheiin haoukeny t ow woseihome >>eporr: wspokto o mn who s he lokin atme hs >>or w sioker's oom ms a o h maer o l int h ct. at iso si's aming a ishatma o he ood . his isier'somendmg s id, tu how ove hd eis thisi'se is y sier thi, ivemy h hi
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issihi i fath-in-w, tse a the -- th n-he tnt a thheughac rule and-- inteout e own of hosethhun mes. teme ot thesewn pele lsevehere ar s. und. oespe l otrs, st areacatn hoe, d. bueverody ows ea oto, er aat one the easoho buery sea o e heansorson why is fe spad s raplyanon y fsp sis bauseheap all wa betwn th mes e bsell atual wa que th n.twth the rucks coun'tget a al the quth ho whee the fre fckstout artet ndhe hohehe f f te thethe nd riouy juwepttfrom ho toomeohee om to ouhomjupt tone n wom we ho spoo te saito yum coulopen p te w wpo w tndow o tai y ocea anul youenl t fel te brze w alowtheay tat t b ck eaoud. ta f a lten t whabrhe sd. ale t b ta ln ha s >>t isande downhrou genetionto >>isdeowougenatio. an d wt hapnened onre real wawhennio aniren wap d meastal mewaen everody ft a aen lot t pele he ery aot pe hhoes the gt vasted. thi oplehoelt thhe gtime
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just ait re astd. seehi letthhat me st hat ens. a etheeeyou'ereratnot,his ha s. trem doushe u'to rebuedrt,s emus t s buile a mmot-- ion'tno t how ey'lgo aut staing . ot th i is allyragi'tow 'l atag ths lygi repter:his ea evybodisasseing e dage, t eptaker:s a evlookodook atseg thisr, theda, ubbke ofheok k tre cometel y bisnedoffhe bbthef i erio romel bdf e reced i io smitreened iten itheens,eopldid t mo theicarsut a as arest, he ths,plimpld mo caht eifirers as ahomethat arees nearth thatpl ca di'tre auall get t ful meatre imctar ofha t diire, all theet t ulding imltedfoff t fomhee, shehe yo edf cn e fheomet.ire ghteyo here cagai etheyave en hree arou therecltek, toughhe re ai niteye h ouheclhis a tgh nidmuncommity ere s u ha firights, tire un poli offers,mmolky frome he hairht cotre liffs,lkom cogurd, l kn each oh her,ll gw upere gud , kn acey'rssesng t dama .h the sm lr, gsup soe 'rngenes tma e derssm, ofheoire ienhe
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ai al g thrsofcoaalon theeeache andaihe al thoaba whon ihesch fscining you ookdat bah ihe finomeg ouk and eylook mplelymendashe li somokod ookle a ganthe liom kedgemmernd wt tough ho aft ho. nt me othem thegeer w tntigh ronthoft hois . oemone. soe kntikent off e.eir so knfountion furnffure mplely earrged inrde t me. unon you n pern e le rru cd walk in trougthe.ont, u peactuly. c ial ally suge jtt, que tu. som delystatn an y j knoqu ey'r goi to homve t fige deatan y ouhow noey c an t s 'roio h tig ouw c t ders. >>ertaly eryo thaful rstherwasn losof >>ife itan heyo 80hal mes , buer asnosot of fe i rebudingt th oint to esbu o do and e bu ngrk ith jtnto begiing thi poi. dond e bora fe irickappriate jhe gig hi repoiing. want tora turfecko thprteayorof pog. nttour asbuthor park n burk n jsey, joing usn thphon mr.ayor goojy, havyou oi usonthonr.or oo haanyb y avu bnnjud om hayb bju d as ry?
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>>e ha no ws iury o as? deat whi is e go ns >>hao iherey owe he sere cditis h eathi s go n t grnd re hse cdevatiatio hdown to te gr bodwalarea hrouvaioreeswn ao we boaleaou lises own. a >> wn i w th e la niht the iter can. upo w i wuicy onth la atni boar alk, a de rheca juupo ic seed tn spr d v y ar fask, a foru seral seb v w extsiveassor tha d magesel algbs. txtve hacot? dge al >> iis ve tco iextenve. ere are enmous. - leowar ere us -johnn's lrearaura te irst floois gone hn s ere erera peces t o tst oo bo dwalnewhicar e e pes t bei loted lockbosalicei lod awck frothe bodwal throhouthe tns w're aw seronge tre boal1 ro50ut t wearse se d, jtippere up b1rs j t pe roups. ma of ose rougut o wn. d,of crse, t ro maf e ug oowelinedown . ce,wenewn evywhe. >>nd, a, ats tituaon withower r htevhe >>, w? t issumuather isn powether r we dn't he por at iumerasbsny we th m rnin dg wtn hie was oatthe.b th min was
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2:22 pm
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2:23 pm
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2:24 pm
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2:25 pm
2:26 pm
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2:27 pm
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2:28 pm
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2:29 pm
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2:30 pm
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2:31 pm
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2:32 pm
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2:34 pm
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2:35 pm
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2:36 pm
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2:37 pm
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2:38 pm
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2:39 pm
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2:40 pm
[c sh!] ia ho.. or a[c a c!] to ur picy. n't arget co aso abou py. savi up 10% t etwhenasou coubine vi yop aut0%and me iuran en cne youtd i anth l ertyutua curi, corage d sangs. ltyua ri alcothe geingsumanneed sas. to me oubeaufull impeect alrlde gsaned mouaull pet d a ttleess perft. caa ...le s rf d lo in ur re for mons. ca. lon r r on bertmutu insance respsibi ty.rt tunsce wh's your pocy? spbi. wh urpo? o wh do u thk? basi ateine i he opwhons.o th si likoil ange sttingt $195. atne hops. ikl ge y mosty. mngchoi$1.. mo moi my mneke mke
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2:43 pm
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2:44 pm
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2:45 pm
he a w zone the is l of oopal de is w ne eryw re.this the lreethat iofas shde on w ha abo yw. t e eetet otf iandh n it. hatherboare l the t hous t od nt b k upt. thiere th oumorn g, som of t m he bup eirehi faces h e rn beom t ripd ewnwith ealle kds ac hof sd on hebe inde ofiphe th lusesoverg u k e sonntire n vingfooms and ings ikeser u that irit iefin ely ng msssnd do re gsday. at >>y h. iiny ll, dotr or ho ity. get >>y eane up o y, ndtrotet i appciat ne ou shing atveo. thanyou. pp>> natprobm. sh g anksoravi v.. an u. we ju n lobrnedearl 8 ks miviion ople ar eu w l wedhoutrl powe unlethe min aflermath or wut rmal urriwenes,nl itsefat ottin coldn a lot o al ris,itseas, chiy in held, aain.ot o we'ltake ou le toirgia s, ne. hi hen. 'lke ltogi ne ney,hey ve e 55nchlg.. mom alrdy he a . y,woy d yo likeo kn55 chmo.. abo it? m lr ha yh, b lete pu my wwoe yoken spknker. mobot?y bet pu! w .spr. 's l andt ha grt piure alit
2:46 pm
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2:47 pm
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2:48 pm
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2:49 pm
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2:50 pm
do he, 35 rte o ma erile sdo perh 35hour on theind droleelower that thcrewcan artur g tingonhe udpro owonhoseatadde and thewn gettnghe gng po ur serested.dend fortatelhereete aerso po at wi hasst. d drtelrewn. atheso cr sill twias t t d n. fast tha n teycrll stha ty inially thght.nily tht. from te ew rk sck rochan t to tel u wen w s ma et willano elrepen and wh i w ans r thecon y inmahe llys aad. re n'll nd rig bach s thonin a. l igac the eelsf prressaven en vy acve lely.e
2:51 pm
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2:52 pm
2:53 pm
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2:54 pm
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3:04 pm
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3:06 pm
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3:07 pm
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3:08 pm
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3:09 pm
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3:10 pm
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3:11 pm
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3:12 pm
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3:13 pm
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3:14 pm
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3:15 pm
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3:16 pm
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3:17 pm
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3:18 pm
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3:19 pm
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3:20 pm
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3:21 pm
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3:22 pm
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3:23 pm
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3:25 pm
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3:26 pm
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3:27 pm
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3:28 pm
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3:29 pm
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3:30 pm
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3:31 pm
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3:32 pm
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3:33 pm
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3:34 pm
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3:35 pm
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3:36 pm
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3:37 pm
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3:38 pm
i k 's uu foona whi gnowbe >> yh.lkbo a ceainlthe bafoupa per hi tuatown nes to e y lked cenlate thanba p atnetoe ldat an gonessotaliesgoss elabet tha you ickrogrminglite. elet hacnn ouie > k mdicagrcorrngpondt dr. njay. gta n tkingith mcarrnd . ay g do ors mt t sngaih tha ok in dos mt sha so of e paents hat in izabh watellg us abt. sohe'lf havepahattst abwallus sory oniabt 'ld wevel beat ve at:00 sy ni totght. webe t0ext,olf itze jointomet. predent oba'sisit tot,f ze neinjers, wh h wi occ rent tomoow, ongsobe gosrnorit tchrichriie. nerswhwicc mo, gsgoor riri. [ ale
3:39 pm
nounr ] youre ausins pr vern of ttinit d[ e.e un] ou ainpr rnf in d u kn howo dae... knowda.. th deadne. d fronati al. h ad. yoreroti . causonlyatiol le you ooseny c in e aie... uslyioleou se cn ai.. and . youan en ta a fl-si or ove, d and till ay u e tta mid fize siice. r e, dis ll awe me.tide e. malennouer ] s, iis, sine pro s we. leou ] i , yesneit iro natnal.o li a p. s i p
3:40 pm
3:41 pm
>>peop ling miord, co ecti>>t, aopheadg d ln byg the ter chemi ond, theamag co toti aad dbyheir e r henhomethag to alireed om wh ishereme ald wisre >>eporr: yan se tt sh rig the in >>or y theseddle t pareshlyighe rnsidesold hethaturi the hghle ofthe re storlast rdenit,d tthed at wrishe hfe go gorstniall td or th w rd herego l w, o thenjust r aut5 mutesre o, wn we rrivston a this mes stet, wwaswe ld.iv youhi ca st, sesate i . ou ca starng tcome se tenow. th's b ause ar t hmehide i jusw. th bse der h hoeusay
3:42 pm
sofe cou t rn or rho hre on e rit, sof euou t o h cannee his ri und,ou c s heans wav. esed, two c s hos rhtveav ewohe the weo rhe thwe deroyeby reasirende yethestwo mes ve bn buil you ase the wes coenng eso s bhe wateil rus ng iu becthse whigh code i jusndee an teus hou iecgh iusde aouay. >>hatas th sene inew. >>t milfd, nneccut,h searli i in waingt. weaw p sidelf bamaect,peakg liin at the waedgt we pdemaak crohepraing fst respders alsoraisog th eaiorts fof gosprnorrs sois chrth etschstie goor goveorariohr cuochiehere in w yove andlsoio mar mchaeuo re blnmberg yondno nework acy. m aehe ao bleralken aboewk c fera a buaucry mking sekehatbo theyfe bsicay j tbucrcut thrgh m ng re s tap at et aid ey boca peoe j othr reap aideed o moseo i wa to eck witour lf itze we'rlearng nd posside wao k itobamr will beze visi'rng nar n p jedeey torrowithoverr am chllstie.besi n je trother chie >>eah. thinit iverysignican
3:43 pm
he didede >> wh.ts t see tine irygnan da ge, hee dedhiteouse nounng j wt a tittle w tle dao., e itomes on ttese un jelsatl w of ve it eson teffuve pise govno sofe rist haseen vinghe prfuiden p ofe tov unid stes a stas wn dengange ofprelevenionf tnist terv ws earlr wgeday.evn he ss th th e rvprrliden thy. sthhpren hfedel reonserom ma, her deraagenes, ey ve bnoingut of eirdeayrese m , hel r raenhe, pe le o bew nng frsey raterl el f eat o w d th ey latiteship beeen f the esidt and govno dth ti ip erist, ev thoh e id goanrnorov chriie sronguppos mi stevhohoor roey sriem s tonge oaypomis fa as daste rlief isro sto o sncerfad. bo of dese ten, refhe govnor d therresent ebof e tryg to ov r ay abothes pt itic for no atry to ast, ryin to do wh isboes pic orfor toe a pplef net,jersin ando o hw yo i, so of t oth r t p eatesfbvionely trst ndve bee yosof t afthctedy his es dasteandio t ee is a afedis rea dted disaer a alofhesleders tey'rea wosaing oundhe c ck tal des e be thelers ca t'r wog nd c t d und hes behea ffict ircutanc. >> thi we ve se ofnd tees coents hat vernic chrcutienc >> hide.e s of les t layco tst at.rn hr >>e wasn th pho. a le ay t. mi ight>>gainasast nght ththho a th
3:44 pm
premidenthtint t thpernall herentexpeted dignaeron ollf new rseyped dna ow ey a aajorisasr ar. i s onhe pne wh fe a 2:00.m.hi aorasar i on prnin wtofe ans r 00the .estisthey need in anoers,o gnsr e tisey thee degnatn. an s, an g te pridenhas enth deat an tprens tstaing. >>wf,his reay han imct o the tag. >> wmpais fos thea h present obaim ode f mt aifo est baromn . >> fhe pside m notgointo caaignomorw. imn tink he>> p wilde rotumeisin cagnor i tkil re mpaiing ursy. is rt o ozeaitg lears a e to vels th o tweea a to esidtialandites,heirelth twilitto gouthere and id almpaidi.s, ir i ink ey're goin to ritume gt re an itrett muc tomrow nd ai i ursdk .'rin r emneyuchore itttuc qcklyom twan sdthe esidt ey rhhte t but isard t e idlie wn r yothin t sd a ut ie wt,day, yo onein weekway fr a e ectiy,ne ekand y fre eltionsot donatiti the ws b ady elons mean do ti is baly be ge bme aioney most n afr thanght be use sae ere thime senech and stafth restebee
3:45 pm
oper ion, hee hise oodsndhese contuingisasr as ertn,ds unfos. thnt's ongiousas theasbigt sty, who uld ve oughfo tal th ous he g abt anctob st surpo se.d ghi inkal say has aban tuobeduto bearp. maj k octer sahasurpse.tut bed we don knaj wcttrp. e we onultitekn rmifi wtion potica y witi be omha rfion s pohapcaned,wie itsyons guesat ts int. >> a ceainlp d,titon es tst. on ahe ce nl nds allhosenho h e be s affelledse by t orm, th aspe of . hbe fey t 'llheckm,inh pe wf h u, wol lck willake er wshhtly. whol we meack hav lle shy. whe ck av brking ns fr cn edwhen wer ll b brng nfr ceden r breored 8 miion oplecrosa nuer oftatewitht por rit no morereetaied ahe. min leosnu oftethpori no reaihe [ isa my ne's sa andhant held meuit. i nest lovd sming,[ a ns dntelmet. an i hestldidni thist ovi smouldg,ver it. an h tl dn[ mahi ann nceri ld r alon.withuppo antiis pven hel peopma quinnsmokerg. onthpo ti pit nducethe ge telsmokopuiok itput e aeasthatou cld smokon t fir wee cee tokitt asat c ok t [ irale eenounr ] me pple hadhang in havi
3:46 pm
ink[ g ore ood,un ] pstiety gitaadion,ngn vi preed m d annksuicoral d, th ughtior aionstan, whi tareng man oricfte stoing thantiht ans i a ifyou orticeeny oothesg ti stopakinchanx ancall youroctorighaway ifu ce oes op intellanour anctorll abouurany tostorghof dayressn oothe mellal r althorrobl s,ouy or d whssch cld g wor whi takg chtix. ohe mel thbl n't whke c cntix gf or yo ve hhi a sakiouschllerx.c t cix skyo rea hion s it.user yodevep the stp tang cntix skean t. yo ved sethyour octorighstawayta cix asomean b lif threseeninurtogh ay if y hava hiory hea or b od vsel aobleme b f retellinouroctoif y hav y avnew hi wory symeaoms. b vl le llur to yt meavcal elp ght w wayoryms. youave mpto of heat atck. me l p e cat ion yen dving or orati mac neryoue to f eaatk. ca n dommongside ffec o ti iacluderyause troue slping d unual eams modeec idese wih chtix d wi tou supslrt sngtem wor ed.unl ms wichx wi tup sm or. it orke fore. malannocer askour ctorf chtix s ri t fot you.keor. alnor kr orchx rifou. evyonen thnicu l thevnursne wanthdcu toatchim thrsan when e watotherch118 ys. enwaer8 .
3:47 pm
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3:48 pm
washgtond.c.omorenw. th had clod dnecau o sh on c.e storm. thso wadt tolo d cckn witauob st w to maiano cinitelse whe that mano cade ofhat buiing deenseheha ripp offyhe destoroft he'suig n g ppffsomeeor iormaon f m's con o g wenoweray bme ima f n reored wer b re aed whe. b wh ahe rob,hat d yolear >> rorte andson,s yo wh knowthe wis ha dd dob,t yo ar pele a r comtegndn,outyof the owwoodeork,wiha ddo pe aomtth odk, escial thene wouts wiesout alwer hed th wanto ow wutn th per wl ewit r th rnedack n.nt o weere wloweth to t p w etuatn om.edk iwespokewith we the tincint at commm.der,p o okthenneerheg, cio habeenhrou a nber mm r,ese oorms cludg say thihaenou n isr by e farms e worudg re onhe's ayhivers see aar or timaons r lo ron's rmahattee a fr 29th s eet mauts lond ptsmatt on t easfr9th sip st 39 pstre are whout tasip 3 per renore w ut d alofhose ars to pe no wi pow that al cou be use toro wiow fouratou e ud ts. so are wleetti por ur ringhed fur dsosre w -- fore
3:49 pm
thtipo ng f dour ys a- up. re thto g comete por back lor mar atta a foup.r da . gomepo hong tckgettock ehang elomata ou ba up dda runng ho ttlateckr e todng bar bup nesstomrow.un at hn't enteod conrmed yet. bussomw. outs e of h mt hatt preronedt. tscludofg thothe mrttpr broug and pas of we chesudrthhe coty bug nd rts paof theweesreaso c uld s akeh asong tenea da. cd so ye n ima neas hog enda fr ytratg fks a goimao frat f aoio whehat heaey ear at n s. thprobm ishesubst tionea and e eyr ndergund thobisnfraructbse on handbeen coromi d wi ts rg d ssivamou ofract haflendingcomiwi t a aivouf et o f stm sue cein r thrdgh 3.tter park o thest4su chr sreet ersu tatirk ich es but t wi sstanet a susurgtiof h but126feei tant w ld rgve bnan a12imee t rec wd. b ae blecthatecorout the wate so spe. th's t mai prlem. thatle atflooredt he evte wheo n peat th taidins,prm.ou'v at logot ev salheater d ints,sionnd'v ha ttosse t dame aaler its nt on ing taha lo seme toram a tthato bepaid d g ga bcklo
3:50 pm
line at bethat theai l est fro g b the on ne athe ltro edon. he i le inhe vlage witht por rit ednow,. a lin so cvl gervi thpori mail w, seice a cometely cisruvied. il can'get y se phoesom telo ork ru. downhere ho fulln'thatt il bho trk estowndre on tho.llat b, arecie threpotoing.d t acith pog. ♪ ♪ aouncng t allew ♪2013♪ali frochevlet anc tll 13iroevet ♪ ♪ wh a markble w inrior fe♪uri♪ the vaille wa rke inor feiheil e cheoletyli intaient stem t s isheheretsophitica ed in ai st lingemegin tiserphca sngin a whe it ds? at'sup tyou. t's are -he t s? th grea'sst m tibuu.ver. s - thea mbur. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪
3:51 pm
rainorn) inn) : wheverur tins , the whonomercome tto ls e. norfk soherne omme l rf sorn one ne fini posbilies. e niosli .
3:52 pm
3:53 pm
>> iano heaback ut i to rthe neweaerseckhereeo haeen heew setchire reues li thisha n pele td to hirab onereagsif is bepengin t andoo ge tb hecne t. stento be thinndgeoverr t juseca w oursen >>us we hve rs diatch >>e h fderay ppordidcheamso fra assted or rescs an prmsidin slter to tse ineedssd scanrin ser t ied >> were atthe wtacuaon see whererescrs have bn ua s ingi in er appedscav b sides al day in gin the ownpe de alffecaydinhewn ec surise suse oodi. wedi we bievehat a bveatendi
3:54 pm
redentdi rambng t top oors re nt sttingn th mile o mb th top nighand roug the rs ea ystngthmih gh hod fihetcounaoffials ho tfinunfis joed bstat poice, t prt au oritjoin bat thpoe, p au -- it boa, in truc i- oa innatial gurd.uc hicl rolng out.ti gu .ny o cltolm. cht.dren o t chen elrly, cpletlyely, cetly. the ar tee tow. hear t fectow. onis indtria ct ea, on redenttherndia , renter that the comned tal o at he pele f wh womd are ming t sure o tre repe n f mhe wre mg re t me prlems prms
3:55 pm
>> ty ano houso ho te toeach al th us resentso at pn to bhotochal hacuad. thes wilts pakto tho b whon't haveua re tivethilnear tohowh't veshelrsreve uil taryocan fnd ellong terplan for u tthnm. f oplere n nger alanwed borkin the tow forle n at lastive l dys. b ck t you. owor a lte . tu. wll ke ahortreaknd rig bac w artak igac
3:56 pm
3:57 pm
3:58 pm
>>his iscean ci marand. a lot >>sfisan ciard. otourts maye -hen uave te ocurnsidayus e - nw bl ks ueway tndoc tid ter veloseblo hig h thaythed b ty rsidend the leoigeanseha actell b beca on de and lievheit or nsnot, whct u're scaeingon h red evnrhet, h ysid this ire sng hactulyn
3:59 pm
idistu lw tide l de is d a nber o d thiboar walk nr it ched itup u ca o hiear dwn herelk sme fhe i thboar lk cactuly dreifte sf so t latupostte no ally hey a ta sndin stightst nolyy a sin stht gh. you n s a nuh.erf the ees ke ts ou s anuhe s ts hre tt o waupoote h by turrine watebyri sand now i'm hre wndhon of e redent no'm h wf rent the d aot beer tan i thouhet douldbe ti ou.ld e stm sges y gys c st s s ye, aon o g c mageroun re wat a go o inse t geun hou. our g rageatgoens t had aut ehtou ur g ingees o a e ssedp so stu


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